Work Trip

Mommy has a work trip! Until just recently, I hadn't worked outside of our home for over a decade. Today I'm headed to Oklahoma for work and I think I may just order the businesswoman special for lunch 😂😂 (please tell me you have seen Romy and Michelle's high school reunion! 😂😂) So its time to turn on my professional side 😜...kind of. How do you working moms do it?! I feel like such a newbie to this life! I never thought I would be using the term "time blocking" in the conversation! Haha! Never say never right?! I know I will enjoy my little mommy vacation, but honestly, the countdown has already started for coming back home to my family and my favorite job in the world-Being a mom at home. How grateful I am that this gig allows me to do both! 💗🙌🏻🙌🏻