Our Anniversary

Anniversary via www.camitiffin.com

I wonder if the kids we were 14 years ago would recognize us. Probably not. We grow, learn, and evolve into new, better versions of ourselves with each passing day. Our wedding day selves lived on love and butterflies. Over the years we have had to take off the perfect white gloves, put on the work gloves and get dirty in the thick of what love is: Working out who we are and who we want to be alongside another person. It's messy, tiring, heartbreaking work with a side of butterflies and bliss. I'm a little older now and have seen marriages crumble and love fade. I'm always reminding myself that we are in "it" right NOW. What we are chasing, we have in our hands now. These exhausting, stressful years of being a young family working toward our dreams will be known as our "golden years." I'm certain of it. This bit of time building ourselves and our family is sacred. I am honored to keep working alongside my true companion. I hope to have 14 more years with our work gloves on and sweat on our brow as we lay each brick of our life together. Because under the surface of a beautiful picture of a HAPPY couple kissing will always be hard work, sacrifice and gold medal forgivers. 

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