Time in.

We got rid of "time out" a couple years ago and replaced it with "time in". After being introduced to @drshefalitsabary and @lrknost I was reborn as a parent. When my parenting hierarchy crumbled, the answers and inspiration started to come. ✨Often our teens deal with conflict through isolation, we get cut out and we are baffled. 😳🤷🏼‍♀️Perhaps we helped foster that coping mechanism when we isolated them as littles during a crisis? 🙈 I know this might poke around at our pride, but isn't real connection worth it? The relationship we want with our teen and adult child is shaped when they are tiny. These habits are challenging to break and this kind of parenting takes so much work, humility and grace. I get the impression that #consciousparenting is confused with anarchy or "anything goes" 🤡but it's far from it, I promise. Its acting as a guide to THEIR highest self. It's constant work but the reward is their evolution and ours. 💗 I have a long way to go and my children continue to reveal my weaknesses like clockwork. #underconstruction🚧 😂😩 However, I'm grateful for the opportunity, when my ego doesn't take over, to hear the call for growth. When I break patterns and really see and hear them, I shed a skin that is keeping me from accessing my greatest self and theirs. 💗✌🏻 if you haven't read these books, I HIGHLY suggest them! @drshefalitsabary@lrknost 📷: @jesskettlei